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Astro Apes Space Force!

AstroApes Space Force is a collection of one-of-a-kind NFTs on the Bitcoin (BSV) Blockchain. Each NFT acts as your ticket to many “member’s only” type benefits (see below). By holding an AstroApe NFT you are also committing to the protection and conservation of Great Apes IRL! 

AASf membership benefits

Quarterly contributions to on your behalf.

 (10% of ALL proceeds)

Quarterly “Adoption” of actual Gorillas on your behalf via

Access to special NFT drops

Member’s Only Merch Store. Coming Soon!

Monthly Space Banana Token airdrops (RelayX)

Access to our “build-an-ape” workshop and much more to come!


Collection 1: Astro Apes (2,000)

This inaugural Astro Apes mint features 6 apes and over 185 traits including guns, suits, eyewear, headsets and more. Each ape is one-of-a-kind and generated from over 1,000,000+ possible combinations. 

Collection 2: AA Special Forces (1,000)

This set features 8 apes and over 250 unique traits! Each trait in this collection contains attribute metadata such as, Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence (👀). SF Apes also come with 2.5x the monthly Space Banana loot! (Contains ZERO layers from collection 1)

Genesis Collection (3 sets, 15 NFTs Each)

Each Genesis Astro Ape is unique and generated from over 5 body styles and 33 possible traits (headwear, clothing, accessories, etc) (NO OVERLAPPING TRAITS OR BODY STYLES IN VARIOUS SETS)

Base Collection

(1500 NFTS) – Base collection is 1500 randomly generated apes utilizing ALL 15 body styles and 99 traits.

Donation & Adoption wallet

wallet will be funded by 10% of ALL initial sales, 25% of ongoing royalties, and 50% of community farming yield. *Donations & Adoptions will occur once every 90 days*

AASC Community Yield Farming

Will be funded entirely by 10% of all initial sales! Mining direction will be voted on by members of the community once a year, 1 ape = 1 vote.

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